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Our Data Entry Services includes Image Data, Medical, Insurance, Online Data Entry, Excel Data Entry and Data Capturing Data Entry

          Managing loads of data and extracting the right kind of information can be quite tedious at times. Many companies and organizations today prefer to Outsource Data Entry Work at offshore services locations, as it proves to be a low cost effective and more profitable option, and remove management headaches as well.

Data Processing
Our Data Processing Services include Form Processing, Insurance Processing, Survey Processing and Image Processing.
Our Data Conversion services include PDf to Word, XML Conversion and HTML Conversion. Data Conversion

            Data Conversion can be defined as translate of data from one format to another.Data Stored in old system is imported into a new database.Are you on the look out for PDF conversion services and do not know how to find one. Then you  have  come to  the right place.

Our Data Conversion services include PDf to Word, XML Conversion and HTML Conversion. Web Designing

            We are a web designing company based in India, specializing in static web designing, flash web designing and web development. We strongly believe that web sites can enhance the brand value of an organization.

Data processing - Outsourcing Survey processing

survey processing services Surveys are one of the core activities of many market research companies. Marketing agencies conduct surveys on a regular basis. It can be online surveys or offline surveys depending on the nature of the surveys. Offline surveys normally involves getting the hard copy survey form filled up by a target set of people. Processing of these forms can be tedious at times and involves a lot of time and manpower. We at MK Infotech offer both online survey processing and offline survey processing services that can make you job simpler. Doing it in-house may cost you time and money. Therefore outsource your survey processing services to us and concentrate on your core business activities.

    Some of the major benefits of outsourcing survey processing services to us are:

  • You get access to outsourced survey processing services that are on par with the industry standards.
  • Reach to some of the best survey processing professionals in the industry.
  • Online survey processing and offline survey processing services available at economical rates.
  • Helps to achieve operational excellence.
  • Measurable outsourcing return on investment.
  • Significant cost reductions.

Contact us with your outsourcing survey processing services.

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